Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 22!

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 22!-  A parody in tribute of Becky Yard's wonderfully, cute space ranger      adventurers, The Star Shooters!  Becky is a long time friend and contributor to our !!!NEW!!
             SodaPop Magazine(See tabs above to order the latest copy of SodaPop Mag.) .

                                      Stop by Becky's Instagram   to see her latest sketches,
                                               you'll be happy you did!   - Mikey >( ' - ' )<

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 21 !!!

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 21   (milky pen, Jelly Roll, Manga Studio) !!!!!!
                                                                   -  Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Friday, October 20, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 20!

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 20 -  ( Milky pen, White out, Manga Studio) zzzzzzzz---mmmhhuh?
                                                                   - Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Matt's Inktober, Day 20

A Time Cheetah, Kickstarter Reward Sketch for Andy Suriano (Samurai Jack artist). Time Cheetah with characters from his web comic, Cosmic Scoundrels.
Check it out! 


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 19

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 19    ( milky pen, white out, and Manga Studio Tone)  From this point forward you will that I have reworked a much older Mikey strip to what I hope will be great affect.

                                                                -Mikey >( ' - ' )<

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 18

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 18 ( ball point pen )
                                                                  -Mikey >( ' - ' )<

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 17

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 17 - (Pen and sharpie)  It was weird drawing my old house from memory, it is more like a dream now.
                                                                    -Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 16

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 16      (ball point pen, Manga studio tone)  Matt, listens to the rest of some Dude's internet forum threat as told by Mikey and doesn't like what he's hearing!
                                                                   - Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 15

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 15   (ball point pen, brush ,color pencil, white out)  Sunday Sketch is a tribute to the talented Joel Stokes and his Galactic Police characters.  Check his stuff out on facebook
at his Stokes Bros page..  You'll of course get to see the talented brothers, Robert and Levi's work as well!
                                                        See you tomorrow!- Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 14

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 14 (ballpoint pen and brush) An in the Life of Mikey Comic pg1.
     Sundays update will be a sketchbook sketch and Monday will follow up with the continuation of
                                         this Mikey inktober sketch short.  Enjoy!- Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Friday, October 13, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 13

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 13 (Brush, White out, Manga Studio touchups)  A sketch for a long time friend of her as a cat girl with a Blade Runner coat.
                                                       See you tomorrow!-Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 12

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 12  (brush, and color pencil)  2 sketches today one singer and one skater/ dog walker.
                                                      See you tomorrow! -   Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 11

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 11  -(Brush Pen and color pencil) This sketch was 2 exercises in one.   Originally I sketched just a pair of legs as an example while teaching on creating iconic female forms in cartooning.   Later on my own I used the edge of the sketchbook to force me into seeing if I could complete the drawing without making her head touch or crop at the top of the sketchbook.    
  Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 10

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day10- (red pen, copic markers,  black sharpie.) More characters in the works for Soda Pop Magazine short stories.
                                                           Enjoy- Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Monday, October 9, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 9

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 9  (Brush pen)Saw a picture of a young Catherine Bach.  You know, Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazard tv show fame, wearing her famous cut off shorts and decided to sketch her.  The other Chicky is a character I'm still developing, she's kind of a snoop.
                                                                  Enjoy-  Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober - Day8

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 8    (brush ,white out pen and blue color pencil.)
Detroit Turtle( or T.M.N.T.'s Mikey in a Tiger's cap) was a sketch I made for long time  friend, who is really more like a family member.  

Old school Fans of the Turtles will be excited to know that one of the creators,  Kevin Eastman now resides in San Diego and can  be seen the 1st Monday of every month at The Cartoon Art Museum of Point Loma!                                                            - Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Mikey's-#inktober- Day7

#Inktober -Day7     A straight in ink ,shadow and light exercise. (Brush).
                                                           See you tomorrow!-Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Friday, October 6, 2017

Mikey's- #inktober-Day 6

 #inktober-Day 6 (tech Pen and color Pencil) Birthday Bunny and Howard Duck Mikey Sketch Cover(Copic Markers).

                                                       See you tomorrow!- Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mikey's- #inktober- Day 5

#inktober- Day  5  - A (brush and Tech Pen)sketch of Marvels Black Cat on back of the previously posted, Howard the Duck Comic.
                                    Tomorrow is my B-day so expect a post tonight for Day 6!
                                                                      -Mikey   >( ' - ' )<

Mikey's inktober-Day 4

          #Inktober Day 4 Sketch cover for Howard the Duck featuring Howard and She-Hulk.
                                                  Made for So-Cal Comics Signing Day give away in November.- Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Inktober day 3

Kat Cop from the future. Digging my new AIN eraser, btw. :)


Inktober Day 2

This is a sketch-cover for an upcoming giveaway at Southern California Comics in San Diego.  So keep your eyes peeled for more info later.



# Inktober day 3 Young Batman and Robin(brush pen and white out).
                                                                  -Mikey >( ' - ' )<

Monday, October 2, 2017


Today's #inktober is a ink pen rendition of my favorite couple from the 1970's comic book scene.

                                                               - Enjoy Mikey >( ' - ' )<

Inktober Prelim

Its that time of the year again!
Working out the preliminaries and combining my Inktober piece with a sketch cover givaway for Southern California Comics!

Mikey-inktober 1

Just a page of super random  brush sketching today with some color pencil scribbles on top.
                                                      See ya tomorrow!- Mikey >( ' - ' )<

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Instagram sketches!

Right back attcha'!
Check out Matt's Instagram matt_cossin, for frequent updates!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mikey's Sunday Funday Sketches #1

Sunday funday sketches!

Soda pop Magazine!!!

Soda Pop Magazine issue #1 is.       out and available now on           

          Pick up yours today!

Monday, July 3, 2017

KingMakers Soda Pop Magazine

WE are down to the wire trying to reach our printing budget for the ne KingMakersComix Soda Pop Magazine!   We are offering 30 limited edition posters for the first 25 people(in U.S.) to donate $25+ before Midnight Friday 7/7/17!!!!

Thank you- Mikey>( ^ - ^ )<

Make sure to let me know who is sending the money and if you want the poster if still available.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Sorry for the lack of updates this past week.

A big part of our family ,the big meower (talker), a stubborn, lionhearted, tiger striped member of our family, our cat Sergio, passed away this afternoon.

Gifted to us(my brother Matt and I) by our Mother after her passing Sergio, has modeled and appeared in the background of more than a few sketches, comic books, and slept on my lap or in the chair beside me during the inking and coloring of my own comic book work.

Last week his 18yrs seemed to catch up to him as he decided not to eat or drink but sought only restless sleep.   I was able to comfort, Sergio all throughout the night and until this afternoon by stroking his ears and neck  allowing him to sleep at times.  But when I stopped he began crying repeatedly, louder than I thought possible in his weakened state, too tired to even move his head. Unwilling to let go of the reassurance  of our contact. But with my arms  tired from the long night, I took off my t-shirt and placed it folded beneath his head and he immediately grew calm smelling my familiar scent.

Though incredibly weak , with shallow breaths Sergio, stubbornly held on to life , waiting for Matt to return home. And when Matt did come home in the early evening, he knelt beside Sergio, held his paw told him we loved him, and told him no need to be stubborn anymore.
Go see momma ,Baby-Boy, it's alright. And with that, Sergio our little companion of 18yrs  took a deep breathe and let out his last breathe.

We thank God for the companionship  and joy he has brought our lives , by sticking us with the best cat I have ever known, Sergio Cossin.
- from this cat, Mikey >( - _ - )<

Saturday, June 10, 2017

. . . in progress.

Hey everybody here is an in progress peek of a new SodaPop Magazine poster.
The plan is to sell copies at some local San Diego stores to help raise printing cost for the San Diego Comic Con Debut of the official SodaPop Magazine issue numero Uno!

IF like what you see so far and you are interested in getting a copy stay tuned for the finished art post next week with ordering details.
             -Mikey >( ^ - ^ )<

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Practice before pages this week.

Everyday I like to doodle a quick something in my sketchbook before starting my next comic book page.   I like to experiment on pushing myself to think a little bit faster like drawing straight in ink(hoping maybe someday to increase my speed at producing new pages).
Or drawing with my left hand.  (Just because  as a kid I use to be left handed and wouldn't it be cool if I could get another style out of it!)  
Well, back to work for me, finishing up more pages for SodaPop Magazine. 
See you soon. 
-Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Playing around with the free water color pencils at downtown San Diego Blicks.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

SodaPop Magazine

In February during San Diego's Comicfest , the KingMakers Crew premiered a limited edition of our Sodapop comics Magazine (complete with a Kirby tribute and an 18pg one shot story by the great Joel Stokes)!

Matt, Becky, and I (Mikey) have been working to polish up a final new version of the magazine . . .
. . . editing in new pages to each of our respective stories and Matt is creating an all new Story!!!(below is Mikey making his own zine.)
All this means rounding out our page count from a measly  84pgs to an epic 100pgs! 

And of course with an all new cover! Expect more updates, as we work to finish up the remaining pencils and inks, in time for Comic-Con!!!

Let's Make Comix Fun Again!!!- Mikey>( ' - ' )<

Friday, February 24, 2017

New KingMakers products!
New KingMakersComix goods from coffee mugs to beach blankets and throw pillows!
Check it out!
-Mikey>( '  - ' )<

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy little accidents

Every once in a while a printer might mess up and catch an extra sheet of paper inside a books print run.  This sketch was done by Mikey in such a copy between the pages of Joel Stokes' comic 'Galactic Police' that appeared in the San Diego Comicfest edition of Soda Pop Magazine.

Look for the official issue of Soda Pop Magazine#1 at the end of May and check back here soon for some videos of Mikey inking his newest feature 'The Jungle'!

Mikey >(  ' - ' )<

SodaPop Magazine!

We premiered a special Jack Kirby Tribute issue of our new Soda Pop Magazine 'From Las Vegas to Detroit' at the San Diego ComicFest this past 4 days!  It was an exhausting 4 days filled with friends and little dramas.  I am going back to the editing board and finishing a new cover for the 1st issue that will feature a few new 'Skeeze and Selene' pages in place of the Jack Kirby tribute and a short featuring a young Niko and Grandpa from' The Jungle'!

Look for that official issue of Soda Pop Magazine#1 at the end of May!

- Mikey>( ' - ' )<