is the publishing arm of the Cossin Bros.


MATT COSSIN             
  His passion is visual storytelling - which has guided his paths  towards comics and film.
 When Matt is not drawing, he is most likely sitting in the dark,
  writing screenplays on his computer. 
                                                                                                                                  MATT's GALLERY
                                                                                      contact: cossinart@hotmail.com
MIKEY [the Ink Cat] COSSIN

  He is a Wanderer by nature and has found himself living in a half dozen states and a few dozen cities. 
  He currently has settled for  the beaches and sunshine of San Diego, CA .
  And there he resides - harvesting the fruits of his wild imagination.  
                                                                                                                                  MIKEY's GALLERY
                                                                                      contact: inthelifeofmikey@hotmail.com

They have provided pencils, inks, colors, character designs for:
Humanoids Publishing, Radio Comix,  Devil's Due publishing , Insight Studios Group , Boom! Studios ,Dreamwave Productions, Disney Comics , Hasbro,  and AT&T.

                                                                                  If  you have an art need, they can solve it! 

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